About Us


If you are a fruit distributor in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Hong Kong, you can coordinate your purchases with NankyFoods. We are an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the production and export of this exotic fruit.

If you are interested in buying pitahaya for private consumption, you can do it in the United States through Amazon:

Who is NankyFoods?

Nanky was born in the province of Morona Santiago-Ecuador, to produce and market the best fruits of the country to the world, through a team work with the sector people, respecting the nature; Our products carry the Nanky brand because they have the nutrients and quality required by the international market.

Why work with Nanky Foods?

We are a family that comes together for a common goal, to develop a natural product. A product that provides benefits to people’s health, and at the same time, is delicious when eaten.

Yellow Dragon Fruit gathered all the characteristics mentioned above, that is why we call it ¨Super Fruit Palora¨ because, in addition to being exotic, endemic, juicy, sweet, and refreshing, it has a great benefit focused on improving the digestion of people.

In 2015, we decided to cultivate the ¨Super Fruit Palora¨ and directly monitor the entire process from the care in the agricultural plantation, in the harvest, the post-harvest of the fruit, packaging, and transportation. In 2018, we obtained the GLOBALG A.P. certification for the production and packaging process.

NankyFoods first exported Yellow Dragon Fruit in 2015 to a friend, a customer in Vancouver, Canada, he sent 2,000 kilos, it was not easy, he had some setbacks; but thanks to the patience of our dear client, he managed to learn and improve.

With that accumulated experience, we have reached other destinations, such as the United States of North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Malaysia, Iceland, and Russia, all of them satisfied by the quality and service of our company.

The initial goal of offering «Super Fruit Palora» was possible with the support of our clients.