Exportation of pitahaya from the jungle in Ecuador

We review the fruit in the plant and choose the best fruit, without spots or scratches, so we reap and clean them and carry the fruits to packing center, in the center we wash and choose one more time the best fruit. In other area, we weigh the fruit to determine the branch, some boxes carry from 5 to 10 units per box.

Our fruit go to United Estates by sea or air, to Asia all fruit go by air. To Europe the fruit go by air too.

What is the weight of a yellow dragon fruit?

The yellow dragon fruit weight is from 300 grams until 500. According to the weight, we determine which size corresponds:

• Size 5: five fruits in a box, weighing approximately 500 grams each.
• Size 6: six fruits in a box, weighing approximately 410 grams each.
• Size 7: seven fruits in a box, weighing approximately 350 grams each.
• Size 8: eight fruits in a box, weighing approximately 310 grams each.
• Size 9: nine fruits in a box, weighing approximately 275 grams each.

   Yellow Dragon Fruit packaging


How is the yellow dragon fruit packed?

The primary packaging will be in polypropylene bags (as a security measure to avoid knocks in the transport process)

The corrugated boxes will be sealed appropriately (strapped to avoid possible movements), and proper handling uses; that is to say:
The corrugated boxes are of 2.5 kilos.

They will carry identification labels of the merchandise, which contains:

• Kind of product
• Net weight
• Data of the exporting company
• Consignee data (name and address)
• Lot