How to prepare Yellow Dragon Fruit with Cream?


• ½ cup of pitaya pulp
• ½ cup of brown sugar
• ½ cup of water
• 2 egg whites
• 1 cup of cream
• ½ lemon.

• We begin by washing the pitahaya, if it has been stored in the fridge, it is essential that we take it out a little in advance, and let it cool.

• Then, we make a syrup with the water and the panela in a pot over medium heat. In another container, beat the egg whites to the point of snow and add the syrup in small quantities. Beat until you get a texture like meringue. Blend the pulp of the pitaya by the mixer with two tablespoons of the set of half a lemon. 3.- We add this mixture to the meringue. Finally, we add the previously assembled cream. Pour into the molds and leave in the fridge for about 4 hours.

Tricks and tips
You can accompany this delicious cream with some berries. The contrast of flavors will be ambrosia.

Nutritional information
The main ingredient in this recipe is pitaya. 90% of the fruit is made up of water and is rich in iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Also, in this dessert, we have used cream and sugar, so the caloric content of it will be increased.

How to prepare a Yellow Dragon Fruit's Mousse?

Ingredients: • Pitahaya pulp 550 grams
• Panela 200 grams
• Unflavored gelatin 4 grams
• Milk cream 250 ml
• Egg whites 8 units
• Lemon 1 unit

• Extract the pulp of the pitahaya, and preserve.
• Extract the lemon juice and preserve it.
• Beat the egg whites until peaks form.
• Beat the cream with the panela until you get peaks.
• Hydrate the flavorless gelatin with a little cold water.
• Unify all the ingredients in an enveloping way.
• Put in a mold and bring it to refrigeration.
• Once set, unmold and decorate with blackberries, sour cherries or cherries, and chocolate chips.

Fruit for digestion

How to prepare Pitahaya's Ice Cream?

• Pitahaya pulp 400 grams
• Panela 200 grams
• Milk cream 21 ml
• Milk 400 ml
• Cornstarch 10 grams
• Cinnamon 2 grams
• Kiwi 1 unit

• Cook the pitahaya with the panela, remove and let cool to a temperature of 24 ˚C.
• Beat the cream milk half a point.
• Add to the pulp of the pitahaya and mix well.
• Incorporate the whipped cream to the previous mixture with smooth and enveloping movements so that the preparation does not come down.
• Refrigerate for several hours until firm.
• Carefully unmold and decorate frying to give it height, and if possible in the same skin of the fruit for better enhancement of the product.
• Decorate with yellow dragon fruit and kiwi pieces.

How to prepare Pitahaya Cookies?

• Yellow Drago Fruit pulp 500 grams
• Icing sugar 200 grams
• Salt 3 grams
• Eggs 4 units
• Wheat flour 150 grams
• Butter 50 grams
• Milk cream 150 ml

• Extract the pulp from the pitahaya.
• Beat the powdered sugar with the butter until its texture is creamy.
• To the butter mixture, we add the salt, the eggs, and the pulp of the pitahaya. We continue beating until all the ingredients are incorporated.
• Once the previous ingredients have been beaten, the sifted flour is incorporated into the mixture until a compact mace is formed.
• Put the dough in a pastry bag to shape it into a previously oiled can.
• The cookies are baked in a pre-heated oven, the oven must be at 180º, for 8 minutes, it is removed from the oven, wait 15 minutes until they cool, then serve.